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    Exploitation materials

    Check out our catalog of exploitation materials, here you can find:

    welding wire,
    gas nozzle,
    gas nozzle holders,
    contact tip holders,
    gas diffusers,
    nozzle springs,
    cutting & grinding materials,
    chemical anchor & accessories.

    MODERN Gates

    You decide how your fence will look like. Match all of the items to your own taste. Check out our catalogue.

    CAME AutomationGate automation.

    Thanks to CAME Automation any idea for home comforts materialize automatically. All operations become simpler, spontaneous, immediate and their control will take place in conditions of maximum security and control. Forget about uncomfortable exiting the car, forget about the rain and cold, with CAME Automation its simple

    Modern PanelsCREATE YOUR OWN

    Panels used in gates, wickets and spans are only in galvanized version. Fencing systems are offered in a basic version as well as with the necessary accessorys. Designs shown in the catalogue are only a proposal.

    We are able to make every project, for example: initials, addresses, names of companies and institutions.

    In addition all the panels can be dimensioned and designed just to meet your expectations.

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