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    About Us


    We have been gaining our experience since 1982. Initial cooperation with aviation industry, automotive sector and Polish Army allowed us to gain knowledge in metal craft processes, expanding our own production line and import of steel forgings.

    We introduce: bearings, scrolls, baskets, rosettes, balusters, flat bars, flats, profiles, spears, ornaments, masking frames, plates, flowers, leaves, caps, balls and many more.

    Thanks to dynamic production line we became the largest manufacturer of scroll elements in Europe. Bearing in mind complex supplying our customers we systematically expand our offer of accessories for gates, Came automation, cutting and grinding discs, welding accessories and welding wire.
    To meet the challenges of the market and Thanks to latest technologies of laser & water cutting and highest quality materials we created POLSWAT MODERN panels.

    As a leader in our industry, we have products attractive both in terms of aesthetics and prices.


    Our mission is to provide complex and fast supply for our customers with a wide range of high quality wrought iron elements, innovative POLSWAT MODERN fencing systems and other accessories for gates, fences, railings and decoration. To meet the expectations of the market we create new product lines, extend our offer, maintaining best price and quality. Customer satisfaction is our main goal. It is achieved through individual approach to each customer, building lasting relationships, creating a reliable brand, professional consultancy and support provided by experienced staff.





    Become our distributor of POLSWAT MODERN line today. Don’t wait! Be the first in your region! You possess a blacksmith workshop, metal shop, building store or looking for a business idea. Grow with us. Extend your business with ready-made POLSWAT MODERN. Earn more with less work.


    Our company and employees are constantly evolving and that drive’s us to create new projects, satisfying expectations of the market and creating new trends for fencing industry. We owe our professionalism to more than 100 persons bringing their contribute with passion and commitment..


    Thanks to fully equip tool shop and 30 years of experience gave us knowledge to create, modernize and extend fully automatic production lines for wrought iron elements.


    Thanks to combining latest technologies of laser/water cutting and highest quality materials we present POLSWAT MODERN panels.

    Masz pytania? zadzwoń +48 366 52 89